Country Living – Yeah, it’s Like That!

Living, playing or working in the country is a LOT like the Green Acres theme song. There’s a push – pull, and if you feel the pull, it will be difficult to resist.

It might come from living there your entire life, and you see no point in leaving.

It could be that you’ve had it up to there with where you’re at and what you’re doing, and it’s simply time for a change, a different pace, a simpler, down-sized life.

In case after case, we’re beginning to see the millennial demographic leave, learn, and return to a lower cost of living, portable, transferable businesses that they’ve started, or to start or raise a family.

If you feel the pull, don’t resist it. Go for a visit, schedule a get-away, or plan your next move. Country living – it’s like that!

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